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Porcello, Susan

New York City Police Officer Susan Porcello

Born in Manhattan, Susan Porcello graduated from the College of Staten Island with a Liberal Arts Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree in social work. After graduating from the New York City Police Academy, she was assigned to field training with the 68th Precinct in Brooklyn. She is currently assigned to the School Truancy Conditions Unit and is serving in the precinct where she began her career.

In July of 2008, Officer Porcello responded to a 911 call placed by Gaspar M. Musso, a World War II United States Marine veteran. Musso was born May 7, 1924, joined the Marine Corps in December 1943, finished training at Camp Lejune in March 1944 and was fighting with the 2nd Marines on Tinian Island by July 1944. By the time Porcello met this great man he was alone. He had no family or friends to care for him, and she promised him that she would be his friend. She kept that promise until the very end of his life and proved to be the most loyal of friends, even in his passing.

Starting with the initial phone call, Susan Porcello visited Musso frequently in the hospital and became his dear friend. When his health improved he asked her to become his official health proxy, and she arranged for his transfer to Caton Park Nursing Home where he was treated very well. On November 13th Porcello visited Musso bringing him rosary beads, a Bible, and his reading glasses. She recalls, “The next day, I returned and found Gaspar sitting up in a chair, dressed in his own clothes. Looking great.” Porcello washed his hands and face, trimmed his nails and eyebrows while asking if he was to come to her house for Thanksgiving. “I’m trying!” said Musso. That very night, Musso died peacefully in his sleep. “There was no way I was going to let a man who fought for our country be buried in Potter’s Field,” she said. “Not on my watch!” Out of her own pocket, Porcello paid for his wake and a mass and even arranged for a USMC honor guard at the funeral. Gaspar M. Musso, United States Marine, was then buried next to his mother at Resurrection Cemetery in Staten Island. With the dignity he deserved.

When praised for these heartfelt acts, Officer Porcello responds, “All I did was keep a promise” and would state that she was only doing her duty. However, the reach of this outstanding public servant goes above and beyond the call of duty. The care she demonstrated towards Musso in his last days is only one of the many great examples she has laid in this community. Since 2007, she has sent toiletries, clothing, pillows, books, magazines, food and pictures to 850 military troops who are serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. Officer Porcello was chosen to receive the Public servant of the year award from the Little Italy Merchant’s Association (LIMA). For her outstanding community work she has received twenty-two civic, police, military and governmental awards and certificates.

Because of the kind-hearted actions of Susan Porcello, Gaspar M. Musso was honored in a manner fitting for a United States Marine. She befriended and cared for one of our own, and for that, this Corps is truly grateful.


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