Website Update #1

Web Site Updates

For those who have been long time visitors to the Detachment website, you will notice some changes. Here is the story to these changes. In December,, our hosting provider moved our websites to a new updated server. In the process, it broke the hand written ASP (Active Server Pages) code that ran the site. On Sunday, 10 January, I was able to fix the issues so that the site can once again be operable. However, the new server does not support several components that I built into the site to manage the backend. Instead of trying re-write thousands lines of code, I chose to delete the old site that has been in constant development for the past 18 years. We have moved to a new application called World Press. As I develop our new site, I am also learning the application at the same time. While much of the news articles for the past 18 years have been lost, the majority of the original content will be preserved and updated as need. We thank you for your understanding while this transition will be ongoing.