Website Update #3

Web Site Updates

As I continue with the rebuilding this site, I would like to provide some additional background on it’s framework. I am using the WordPress framework. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system which includes a plugin architecture and a template system, which simplifies adding and updating content.

As of this update, most of the existing content from the old site has been moved to the new site. The content has been reformatted and updated as I go to conform the new format. As a result of having 22 years of news content, I did not it. To migrate all the news items would be too time consuming and labor intensive.

The Link Library has been populated with links and social media for many Marine Corps League Detachments within New York State. If you have a link to submit that is related to the Marine Corps League or its subordinate organizations; or related to the U.S. Military, or VA, please let me know by using our Contact Us form. Please note that all links are subject to the approval/discretion of the webmaster. I would like to acknowledge Yannick Lefebvre, developer of the Link Library Module. He went above and beyond in his technical support of his plugin and adding requested features us.

The web site can once again accept membership renewals. The new online membership application will be published in the near future.

Don’t forget to check out the Knowledge Base section. We have topics on Marine Corps Hymn and it History, General Information, and some humor items too.

The current task is working on our photo gallery. The old site contained over 2,000 photos that I have salvaged. Each photo is being reviewed before being restored.

Stay tuned for more…